About Ryu

Ryu Chen
(Chia Hung Chen)

@Programmer @Photographer @Musician

I'm Ryu Chen, a multi-talented individual with a passion for programming, music, and photography. I live in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Mandarin is my mother language, and I am proficient in English, as well as Japanese and French at an intermediate level.

In the realm of technology, I specialize in AI, FinTech, and web development services. Whether it's building intelligent systems, creating engaging websites, or developing innovative financial solutions, I bring my expertise to empower businesses in my programming region.

In addition to my technical expertise, I am also deeply passionate about photography. I excel in capturing stunning and professional portraits, lifestyle moments, fashion shoots, and commercial imagery. Through my lens, I aim to encapsulate emotions and tell compelling visual stories that leave a lasting impact.

Music is another avenue through which I express my creativity. As a guitarist and composer, I channel my emotions and inspirations into melodic compositions. Whether it's crafting soulful tunes or exploring new genres, music is my sanctuary and a medium through which I connect with others.